Up Capital has been created to take advantage of Embeth’s ability to use a central CRM business engine and technological advances such as digital signing to develop a platform for both self generated business lending and also introducer network support.

The companies connections with specialist non bank lending puts it in a great position to provide a valued offering especially with fluctuations with the reserve bank capital requirements and restriction of over all business lending in NZ during 2020.

Business lending is offered to clients on both a fixed term and revolving capital basis with a high percentage of clients also continuing to draw down after the initial agreement is completed. Up Capital also works alongside speciality insurers in this industry to offer complementary products along with finance.

Up Capital is also the platform of Embeth responsible to develop investment based deals relating to finance, commercial and residential property and also retail.

Embeth are always looking for new opportunities in which to deploy company assets get in contact today if you have something we can work together on.

Headquarters, 13th Floor, 48 Ward Street, Hamilton.