Taking advantage of the ability to operate within the motor industry as a stand alone Finance and Insurance provider, CarPow has developed into one of the top introducers to non bank lending in this sector in a very short space of time.

Traditional routes to F&I would usually mean applicants use direct channels which is only beneficial when the consumer is accepted by credit lending. Often times dealerships and their staff follow this same approach and so once an applicant is termed second tier the consumer lending requires considerable experience of the markets.

CarPow have a time tested process in places for quickly and efficiently assessing the likelihood of a transaction being successful and so can use their relationship and standing in the market to access multiple lending offers for clients.

Bespoke and customised technologies have been developed and put in place to constantly improve service and ability to scale operations. Embeth has been able to test new advancements in identification and affordability assessments and also been and the forefront in digital signature documentation.

Embeth are always looking for new opportunities in which to deploy company assets get in contact today if you have something we can work together on.

Headquarters, 13th Floor, 48 Ward Street, Hamilton.